Success Stories

Success Stories

1. Arun (Cerebral Palsied) International Player of this institute (3 times Gold Medalist) was awarded Bhim AWARD by the Hon'ble Governor of Haryana.

2. Tarun, a Mentally Challenged child of the institute represented India at Austria in Winter Games in Floor Hockey and won Gold Medal.

3. Varsha Badal a Hearing Impaired girl of the Institute and happened to be the first child of the Society after Completing Education in the institute and Masters in Architecture from Govt. College Chandigarh got Selected as Lecturer in the same College.

What We Do (Services)

Sr. No. Assesment Unit Area Of work
1 IQ Testing Hearing Impaired
2 Hearing Test Mentally Challenge
3 Physiotheredy Learning Disability Autism
4 Speech Therapy Cerebral palsy
5 Occupational Therapy Down Syndrome
6 Counselling Multiple Disability